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In 1963, the Toronto Typographical Union (TTU) found itself in labour negotiations with all three publishers. Not only was the Globe and Mail involved, but so was the Star and Toronto Telegram. The "Tely" as it was called, was run by John Bassett. Bassett, along with other Toronto media moguls, also owned Baton Broadcasting.

Known as TTU #91, it had until that time enjoyed relative harmony with the publishers. The oldest Union in Canada (1866), the TTU had taken a stand back in 1872 when they struck George Brown’s Globe demanding a 9-hour day. Some suggest it was the catalyst that gave us Labour Day in September.

Despite the strike, the newspapers continued to get their papers out and with the new technologies, even faster than before. There was an impasse, and it was never settled. The TTU basically picketed year after year earning strike pay until notified by the ITU in 1971 that all benefits would cease. The TTU was broken after 139 years.

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