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Out With The Old? Not So Fast!
The Growth Of The Specialty Segment

By:  Nick Howard  |  Date: April 2019  |  Contact the Author

Decades ago our company represented Brandtjen & Kluge stampers and embossing presses in Canada. The Kluge platen press, based on patents dating back to 1860, has managed to outlast everyone, including original inventors George Gordon and Chandler & Price. During the 1960s as letterpress quickly disappeared from printing plants, Kluge, who made its name in 1919 with an automatic platen feeder device, refused to go quietly and embarked on a road of re-engineering the iconic Gordon platen and re-emerged in the specialty segment long utilized but starving for a better and easier way of production — hot foil stamping and embossing.

When we took on the agency, Kluge had launched the enhanced 14 x 22-inch EHD platen. This press included a three-draw hot foil attachment and a brilliant dwell feature, which used die-springs to allow the platen to remain closed on impression. Dwell provided more time for the paper to seat into the heated die. By 1967, Heidelberg’s TP platen was also equipped to hot foil stamp. But there was no dwell option, and more importantly the design of the press with the gripper needing to pass over the platen negated the ability to produce very deep impressions compared to the Kluge EHD. As well, Kluge had a larger sheet size and provided more impressional strength.

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Featured on Howard Direct

Featured on Howard Direct


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