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The Big Strike
Technology Trumps Tradition
A Union War They Could Not Win

By:  Nick Howard  |  Date: Oct 2017  |  Contact the Author

In the mid 1960’s, when I was a small boy, my father took me through the back door of 80 King Street West in Toronto. The noise was unbelievable – as was the gargantuan monsters inside. This was the Toronto Daily Star, and I had witnessed the presses printing the evening edition live!

Men everywhere - some just standing - others climbing all over the “monster” presses. But, it was the noise that I remember most - machinery and webs of paper whirling, spinning and racing through the machine units. Finally, ending at the folder in sections only to be carried off again by claws on and endless snake-like chain.

I was captivated. This is where I fell in love with Print! By 1971, the Toronto Star would purchase one of five new Hoe-Crabtree Viceroy Mark II double width presses that could print a 144-page paper at speeds of 70,000 copies-per-hour. All by letterpress and in their new home at One Yonge Street.

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Featured on Howard Direct

Featured on Howard Direct

Featured on Howard Direct


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